LoD 10 - Gender Mainstreaming

Below you can find documents concerning Gender Mainstreaming
(Chairperson LoD-10: Col Assoc. Prof. ATANSOVA-KRASTEVA Nevena, PhD - BG / NMU)


General documents Dokuments of the 2nd LoD-10 Meeting
in Veliko Tarnovo on 10 October 2019

  SPP Military Gender Studies (MGS)

 2022 03 16 Non-Common Module_Description - Gender Perspectives.pdf

 2018 09 29 White Paper with signatures.pdf

 BG NDU Atanasova 41 IG-Meeting _Brussels Gender.pdf

 2019 03 11 LoD 10 - Questionnaire - 2019.doc

 2019 05 20 ARTICLE Atanasova Gender Education.pdf

 2020 10 01 LoD 10 Military Gender Studies Project.pdf

 2021 03 02 Gell LoD 10 Gender for EMA.pptx

 2021 NO NDUC ENSTAD Problems of integrating gender & culture in PME.pdf

 Meeting Minutes

 Welcome Speech by the Rector-Commandant

 AT TMA Gell

 BG NA Elosaveta

 BG NMU Atanasova

 BG NMU Petrova

 EE EMA Oras

 RO LFA Dragomir

 RO PA Grofu


Dokuments of the 3rd LoD-10 Meeting
organised by the Estonian Military Academy
on 02 and 03 March 2021 via VTC

Videos (conference records) of the 3rd LoD-10 Meeting
organised by the Estonian Military Academy
on 02 and 03 March 2021 via VTC



 EU IG GELL LoD 10 history 2021 03 02.pdf

 BG NDU ATANASOVA gender education 2021 03 02.pdf


 BE RMA RESTEIGNE gender_neutral socialization 2021 03 02.pdf

 BG NMU general briefing 2021 03 02.pdf

 EE EMA AAS gender perspective 2021 03 02.pdf

 EE EMA ORAS gender mainstreaming 2021 03 02.pdf

 EE MoD SIPLANE male approach 2021 03 02.pdf

 EE MoD TOODU requirements and recommendations 2021 03 02.pdf

 ES MA gender perspectives 2021 03 02.pdf

 GR HMACSO SARTZETAKI Gender perspective 2021 03 02.pdf

 IT SAMS SPINELLO gender seminar 2021 03 02.pdf

 LT MAL BILINEVYCIA_LISAUSKAITE gender perspectives 2021 03 02.pdf

 NO NDUC ENSTAD challenges of integrating 2021 03 02.pdf

 PT MA MALHEIRO institutional survey 2021 03 02.pdf

 PT MA MACHADO strengthen gender perspective 2021 03 02.pdf

 PT MA SPP military gender studies 2021 03 02.pdf

 RO LFA HERMAN strenghten gender 2021 03 02.pdf


 Workshop 2 gender activities 2021 03 03.pdf

 Workshop 3 gender neutral language 2021 03 03.pdf

 Workshop 4 separate subject 2021 03 03.pdf


 ES 2021 04 ARMAS Y CUERPOS_Gender meeting.pdf


Click onto the event, then a YouTube video will be opened.

First day:

1) Presentations of participating academies

2) Requirements and recommendations about gender mainstreaming from
UN, NATO, EU. Laura Toodu

3) Gender education in the European military academies. Colonel Assoc.
Prof. Nevena Atanasova

4) Strategic Partnership Project Military Gender Studies.
Ana Romão and Maj Reis

5) Institutional survey on the implementation of the Women,
Peace and Security agenda. Cap Malheiro and Maj Reis;
LTC Machado; Assist Prof Sofia Menezes

6) Gender perspective and gender equality in Estonian Defence Forces.
LtCdr Sigrid Aas

7) Integrating culture and gender perspectives in professional military education.
Assoc. Prof. Kjetil Enstad


Second day:

1) Male approach to treatment of females. Andres Siplane

2) Panel discussion


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