Invitation for participation in “Leadership and Agility in Complex Environments” Module (Italy, 06-10 October 2014)


The Italian Air Force Academy is organising an innovative educational module to be held from 06 - 10 October 2014. The module is titled “Leadership and Agility in Complex Environments” and aims at promoting the understanding, the implementing and future self-development of leadership capabilities through conceptual and practical activities.
Qualified military officers, university professors and talented speakers will use an holistic approach to guarantee participant a sound grasp of an effective “transformational” Leadership and cognitive primers to development and self-development of strategic leadership skills.


Documents in support of the event


Booklet on the Initiative

Below you can find a link to a Booklet on the European Initiative for Exchange of Young Officers with author Sylvain Paile published with the support of the ESDC in March 2014.

Booklet on the Initiative


Results of the 2nd Olympiad CSDP Competition


a. Best Paper Winner: Gonzalo Vallespin Terry, Spain

b. Knowledge Competition Winner: Paolo Fanelli, Italy

c. Cover page Competition Winner: Manuel Kurbatfinsky, Austria


Report by civilian students on a CSDP Module in Austria (2013)

From 2nd to 6th December 2013, the Theresan Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, hosted a Common Module on Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). Within the framework of European Initiative for the exchange of young officers inspired by Erasmus, military academies from Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Poland and France sent their officer cadets to gain knowledge on CSDP as well as to create bonds with colleagues from other EU Member States.


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External evaluation report for the CSDP module in Austria (2013)



Below you can read the external evaluation report for the CSDP module conducted in Austria in 2013.

External evaluation report for the CSDP module in Austria (2013) (pdf)