Meeting Documents EUMSSF

Below you can find the meeting documents of the European Union Military Secondary Schools Forum
(Chairperson EUMSS Forum: LtCol ZAMBAS Symeon - CY/MoD)


Dokuments of the 6th Meeting (VTC) on 07 May 2021 Dokuments of the 5th Meeting (VTC) on 14 January 2021



 2021 01 14 Agenda

 2021-035 5th EUMSSF meeting Final Minutes.pdf

 2021 01 14 Erasmus+ Presentation

Dokuments of the 4th Meeting (VTC) on 23 October 2020 Dokuments of the 3rd Meeting (VTC) on 03 June 2020

  2020 10 23 2020-182  4th EUMSSF meeting  Draft Agenda

 2020 06 24 Conference on the Future of Europe.pdf

 2020 10 21 Gell Regulation CSDP Writing Competition.pdf

 2020 10 21 Gell Regulation CSDP Writing Competition.docx

 2020 11 07 School Semesters

 2020 10 23 Spassov Presentation Erasmus+.pdf

 Meeting Minutes

  Meeting Minutes

  Rules for the Essay Competition

Dokuments of the 2nd Meeting in Lisbon on 16 January 2020 Dokuments of the 1st Meeting in Brussels on 15 October 2019

 Meeting Minutes

 Train the Trainer Curriculum (draft)

 PT Intitudo dos Pupilos do Ecercito












 Meeting Minutes

 _EU ESDC Zambas

 _EU GAREA Zambas


 _EU Erasmus+ for schools Vukelic

 AT Military High School at TMA

 CZ Military High School Moravská Třebová

 IT Military High School DOUHET

 IT Military High School MOROSINI

 IT Military High School NUNZIATELLA

 IT Military High School TEULIÉ

  PT Military High School Colégio Militar

 RO Military High Schools