Temporary Documents

Documents of the 52nd IG meeting (08-10 Nov 2021) / Brussels / BE – available until the 53rd IG meeting 

General Documents LoD-specific Documents


 Link to registration

 Agenda Meeting 52

 Administrative Information


 GR HMACSO Academy and CM Bio&Bio presentation - Brussels Nov 21.ppt


 2021 06 18 EU Academic Semesters.doc


 Link to ISOMA 2021 presentation GELL

 Link to ISOMA 2021 presentation KALLIGEROS

 Link to ISOMA 2021 presentation MARCHISIO and SPINELLO




Documents of iMAF 2021 (20-22 September 2021) / PMA in Lisbon / PT – available until iMAF 2022 

General Documents Syndicate Elaborations

 Link for download of iMAF pictures

 2021 09 17 PT PMA iMAF_2021_Programme.pdf

 2021 09 18 PT PMA Last Admin Info.pdf

 PT PMA iMAF Presentation 07SEP2021.pdf

 2021 09 21 Gell Briefing iMAF past and future.pdf

 2021 09 22 Gell GAREA Recommendations.pdf

  2021 09 21 Gell Introduction syndicate work Ver_02.pptx

 S_01 Int_l Air Force Semester.pdf

 S_02 Int_l Naval Semester .pdf

 S_03 Int_l Technical Semester.pdf

 S_04 Financing Short Modules.pdf

 S_05 European Universities.pdf

 S_06 Increase Lecturers Exchanges.pdf

 S_07 Research and Development.pdf

 S_08 Cadets Proposals.pdf

Exchange Experience by Cadets Presented Projects

 X_change Cadets Overview.pdf

 X_change Cadets AT ML_C ALAGNA.pdf

 X_change Cadets FR Int_l Semester GRASSI.pdf

 X_change Cadets FR Robotics WALASEK_STOSIO.pdf

 X_change Cadets IT CSDP OLIVEIRA.pdf

 X_change Cadets LV Int_l week BARATA.pdf

 X_change Cadets NL Int_l week CABRAL.pdf

 X_change Cadets PL Erasmus GEICA.pdf

 X_change cadets PT EMilEW.pdf

 X_change Cadets RO Recce AMINA.pdf

 Projects Overview .pdf

 Project PT CINAMIL Gasche.pdf

 Project PL DIGICODE Gontarczyk.pdf

 Project PL leadership predispositions Pietrakowski.pdf

 Project PL_PT_GR IMLA Book.pdf

 Project PT ELITE2 Quinto.pdf

 Project PT Shark Tank Fernandes.pdf 


Documents of the 51st IG meeting (06-08 Sep 2021) / Brussels / BE – available until the 52nd IG meeting 

General Documents LoD-specific Documents

 Agenda Meeting 51 (up-dated on 25 Aug 2021)

 Administrative Information

 Maps meeting 51.pdf

 _2021 09 06 Gell Briefing EMILYO at a glance V_02.pdf

 _2021 09 07_08 Gell Agenda Briefing 51st Meeting_V_07.pdf

 _2021 09 07_08 Gell Cover Page Voting_V_01.pdf

 2021 08 30 All Proposals 6th CSDP Olympiad without names.pdf

 BG RNDC 52 IG Meeting.ppt

 BG RNDC Language Conference.pptx

 GR HAA Int_l Spring Semester 2022_v_03.pdf

 GR HAFA PRESENTATION upcoming 51st IG.pdf

 HR CDA Pictures 5th CSDP Olympiad.pdf

 LT MAL exchange experience spring semester 2021.pdf


 PT PMA 2ndEmilEW for Students.pdf


 PT PMA iMAF_AM_07SEP2021.pdf

 PT PMA International Spring Semester_PT.pdf

 RO LFA Sibiu international events 2022.pdf


 2021 06 18 EU Academic Semesters.doc

 Nomination letter DIMITROV for chairperson LoD 2

 LoD 10  REPORT - 50h IG Meeting _June 2021.ppt

 LoD 10 Module description - CM Gender Perspectives- 50 IG Meeting.doc

 LoD 15 Common medical semesters presentation.pdf


 LoD 2  REPORT - 51h IG Meeting _Sep 2021.pdf

 LoD 7 Meeting_51th IG Meeting_Brussels_08SEP2021.pdf

 LoD 9 Presentation 51th IG Meeting.pdf

 LoD 10 REPORT - 51st IG Meeting September2021.pdf

 LoD 12 GR HAFA 2021 09 08  51st IG plenary meeting Presentation.pdf

 LoD 13 51IGMeeting 07_09.2021.pdf

 LoD 14 5thMeeting.pdf

 LoD 15 Common medical semesters presentation.pdf