Temporary Documents

Documents of the 55th IG meeting (21-22 September 2022) & IAFS Multiplier Event (20 September 2022) in Lisbon / PT at the Portuguese Air Force Academy – available until the 56th IG meeting 

General Documents LoD-specific Documents

 Agenda - remark: departure on Monday from the roundabout at 19:00

 Invitation Letter

 Admin Information

 Priority list for booking Hotels



 2022 09 19 Gell Emilyo at a glance.pdf

 2022 09 21_22 Gell Agenda Briefing 55th Meeting_V_05.pdf


 CY CSDA  Link to video Common Module ML B in Cyprus

 CZ UoD Presentation EUMACS 2022.pptx

 EE EMA Winter warfare 22 23_presentation.pdf

 ES SAFA CSDP CM 2022.pdf

 GR HAA Standardising Module Evaluation in EMILYO.pdf

 GR HAA ISS 2023.pdf

 GR HAFA Presentation 55th IG.pdf

 GR HAFA iMAF_2023 ver_02.pdf

 LV NDAL CMO_presentation.pdf

 LT MAL Exchange Experience MAL 2022.pdf

 PL PAFU Presentation without video.pdf

 PL PAFU Link to video international week


 PL PNA Admin Info Gdynia 56th IG.pdf

 PT PMA 2023_PMA_ISS_2023_vf.pdf

 PT PMA IMLA Book IG_SET2022.pdf

 PT PMA Sabbatical leave project.pdf

 SK AFA Leaflet ALLROUNDER 2022.pdf

 SK AFA Science  Military - Call for Papers.pdf

 LoD-6_2nd Meeting_22 September 2022_Final.pdf

 LOD-7 Questionnaire_55 IG Meeting ver_02.pdf

 LoD-7_Meeting_55th IG Meeting_Lisbon_21 and 22_September_2022 ver_02.pdf

 LoD-7_Presentation_55th IG Meeting_Lisbon_22_September_2022.pdf

 LoD-8 2022 09.pdf

 LoD-9 22.09.2023 EMUN .pdf

 LoD-11 202209 INS LoD11-IG55.pdf

 LoD-12 GR HAFA 2022 09 22 55th IG plenary meeting Presentation.pdf

 LoD-13 55IGMeeting_LoD13_22_09.2022.pdf


 LoD-14_E02_CommonThesis 2022 09 05.pdf

 LoD-15 chairperson - Lisbon Sep 2022.pdf

 LoD-16 EU Military Academy.pdf

 RO HCAFA LoD-17 Air defense chairman.pdf

 RO HCAFA LoD-17 Air defense presentation.pdf










IAFS-Documents Other Support Documents

 2021 12 30 EU Academic Semesters.doc